Why an healthy blood pressure is important?

Why an healthy blood pressure is important?

While everyone knows healthy living is important, not everyone is actually doing this. Meaning with this is enough sport, healthy food, not too much stress, enough sleep, not too much alcohol etc… The same is valid with healthy eating, while everyone knows it is important, not many of us actually do it consistently. Of course you can do it a few days to eat nice salads, but soon we will go into the old pattern of nice fat juicy snacks again. An health blood pressure is important while an high blood pressure can have various medical diseases as a consequence and also has a higher chance of stroke, heart failure as well as heart attack. Some very serious circumstances, which you want to prevent at any time and cost!

Of course you probably know or are aware that healthy living and healthy food is influencing your blood pressure. Not directly, but certainly indirectly! So therefore most of us suffer from high blood pressure, simply because their eating behaviour is not according to the healthy living standard. Of course the best will be to change your eating behaviour, however this is easier said than done. Mainly because in today’s life with stress, busy job and family life as well as today’s food and cooking culture, it is almost impossible for 70% of the people to eat and cook healthy and live a real healthy life. Let’s be honest about that. Fortunately there are solutions for the high blood pressure, if you can’t be on a diet of just salads, juices, water, green tea, healthy fish and not fat meat ( it is very expensive too! ). There are good quality and affordable medications to treat high blood pressure and one of them is of course Inderal as this blog is around this mind blowing medicine. However others are also available here as well like Norvasc for example. What these medicines do is to slowing down the heart and reducing blood pressure, which helps it pump more efficiently and reduces the workload on the heart. This will increase your quality of life and duration of life.

Of course we still encourage you to eat healthy and do to sports and to walk every day to work or simply around the house and encourage you to walk stairs. However blood pressure meds can be a very helpful addition to this, so be smart and take action if you feel or know you have high blood pressure as it is really not smart and not worth it to wait longer.

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