Do you need a prescription for Propranolol?

Do you need a prescription for Propranolol?

Well this is very legitimate question which is valid for many drugs and especial prescription drugs. To start with, Propranolol (Inderal or Generic Inderal) is indeed a prescription drug and because of this simple fact normally you would need a prescription.

HOWEVER if you go shopping online at an online pharmacy and you know which medication you need, you don’t need a prescription as you are the own boss of your own body and you know best what you need. In the 21st century you not always need an expensive doctor or pharmacist. You should only use these medical people for difficult medical advise, but not if you already have been diagnosed with high blood pressure and you simply need these beta-blockers every day to lower your blood pressure.


If you go to your local doctor or local pharmacist you need a prescription, however if you go shopping online at an online drugstore you can avoid this. On top if this prices for Propranolol are much cheaper and we can recommend this trusted pharmacy where they sell Propranolol for 0.39 USD per tablet including free shipping! Buy Propranolol Online ….
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